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Contact us at [email protected] 

Tell us the name and date of birth you used when ordering your kit and we can send your access details.

What to expect

There is a range of results that you can receive. If you receive a positive or reactive result, then you should visit your local NHS sexual health clinic as soon as possible. 

We will signpost you to local services where you can get any treatment, help, and advice that you need. 

What your results mean

You tested negative/non-reactive

Negative or non-reactive means the infection was not identified.

You tested positive/reactive

Positive means the infection was identified and you have an STI. Try not to worry, most STIs are easy to cure and all of them can be treated. You’ll usually need treatment as soon as possible at a sexual health clinic, or your GP might be able to treat some STIs.

Inconclusive results

This means the result is not clear and further testing is advised. In this situation, you can contact test.me for a new kit or attend a sexual health clinic.

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