About our kits
What will arrive?

Your STI test kit will arrive in the post in a simple discreet package.

The kits are small and easily fit through a standard letterbox. They have everything you need to collect and return your sample(s) to our laboratory.  

Free return postage is included.

How do I return my STI test?
  • Make sure you keep the box your kit arrived in. 
  • Take your sample. 
  • Complete the form included in your kit. Keep the top part of the form – you may need it to get your results. 
  • Put your sample and the form back in the box. 
  • Use the two large card tabs to seal the box shut (add some tape if you like).  
  • Post the box as soon as you can. Any normal Royal Mail post box is fine.
How quickly do I need to send my test back?

You can take your sample(s) at a time to suit you, but we do recommend that you take them within one month of receiving the kit, and ideally as soon as possible. 

Once you’ve taken your samples you need to post them to us as soon as you can. Remember to write the date that you completed the test. 

It’s free to return your samples and you can drop them into any Royal Mail post box. 

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